The new feature to help hotels manage their online reputation more effectively

RateGain Technologies, the market leader in data and intelligence solutions for travel and hospitality industries, today announced its integration with Google Reviews, a development that would allow all hotels using BrandGain to instantly view and respond to any guest feedback appearing on Google Reviews. The collaboration would enhance the overall efficiency of partner hotels, who would now be able to manage their online reputation even more efficiently in a hyper-competitive environment of today. The first round of feature implementation has been done for our clients and the feature has been warmly welcomed.

The integration of BrandGain with Google Reviews, the first of its kind in the hospitality industry, would streamline and automate the process of tracking each and every review originating on the platform, and enable the associated hotels to improve and enhance their guest experience over the period of time.

Commenting on the development, Apurva Chamaria, CRO, RateGain, says, “We are extremely delighted to announce our integration with Google Reviews, one of the most frequently used review platform by the travelers today. We saw 205% increase in usage for the review section within two weeks of the feature launch. A recent research conducted by our Data Science Lab suggests that the number of travelers using Google Reviews to search and share their feedback for hotels has grown by a phenomenal 130% between 2016 and 2018. Moreover, when compared to other leading review platforms (, Expedia, TripAdvisor), there has been a significant increase of 52.34% in the total number of reviews received on Google for the period of 2016 to 2017. Considering the growing reach of the platform, integrating with it seemed like an important necessity for us and we are glad that our products team could turn around this integration swiftly”

Adds Apurva, “The primary goal of BrandGain is to offer hotels a holistic view of their guest feedback and help them manage their online reputation in the best possible way. Today, BrandGain seamlessly integrates with all the prominent review platforms, and we have undertaken an important step by associating with Google Reviews. This would not only enhance the efficiency of the hotel using BrandGain but would also allow them to increase their visibility and ranking all across.

BrandGain is RateGain’s online reputation management solution for hotels which operates primarily through a SaaS model. It extensively tracks guest reviews and feedback from over 120 channels and brings all of it on a single platform. The information enables hotels to improve their guest experience and further enhance their productivity.BrandGain is already integrated with all the primary review platforms like  Google, Expedia, Agoda, Traveloka, TripAdvisor, Booking, Orbitz, Yelp,, FourSquare, and Ctrip.

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