RateGain, a leader in providing cloud-based distribution solutions and Hotelogix, a globally trusted cloud-based Property Management System provider have announced a technology partnership to help hotels across the world distribute inventory in real-time.

The partnership would establish a two-way connectivity, where rates and availability from the <a href=”https://www.hotelogix.com/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Hotelogix</a> PMS will automatically be pushed to <a href=”https://rategain.com.es/hotel-software/hotel-channel-manager/”>RezGain</a>, RateGain’s Channel Management platform for distribution across all the connected demand partners. Similarly, bookings on OTAs would also get instantaneously updated on Hotelogix PMS delivered through RateGain

Expressing his views on this partnership, <strong>Apurva Chamaria, Chief Revenue Officer at RateGain</strong> said, “This well-reasoned joint effort with Hotelogix indicates our commitment towards partnering with hospitality technology leaders that offer significant value to hotels. Through this association, we aim to offer a premium product to progressive hoteliers globally to help them maximize their business potential available across online platforms.”

RateGain supports hotels across the globe to ensure real-time centralized distribution, zero overbooking and parity assurance with its Channel Management and DHISCO switch solutions. The company helps 500,000 hotels in over 191 countries in their effort to update rates and inventory across multiple OTAs, instantly. RateGain connects its hotel partners to over 127 leading OTAs and other sales channels.

Commenting on this strategic alliance, Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder at Hotelogix said, “RateGain is a global leader in Distribution technology space. We are excited about this alliance as it helps hotels to move onto the cloud with a comprehensive management and distribution solution.”

Speaking on the usefulness of this integration, Anastasia D. Vorobyeva, General Manager at Ayurveda Bhavan Center, India said, “We serve to a sizeable number of international patrons and we attract them through 10 OTAs that we are connected to. With this integration, we now get to save time, and it will surely get us more OTA bookings. Plus, it has also ensured zero double-booking that used to result in guest dissatisfaction earlier.”

<strong>About Hotelogix</strong>

<a href=”https://www.hotelogix.com/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Hotelogix</a> provides a robust cloud-based Hotel PMS that helps hotels to automate and manage their end-to-end operations with ease. It also assists hotels to drive growth, increase revenue and to enhance their online reputation. The PMS is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and thus offers the much-needed stability and security to hoteliers. The company has rich experience in serving global markets with customers in 100 plus countries including developed geographies such as North America and Europe.

<strong>About RateGain</strong>

RateGain is a leading provider of cloud-based innovative solutions for the Travel and Hospitality Industry. RateGain provides the latest technology in rate intelligence, price optimization, seamless electronic distribution, and brand engagement. Founded in 2004, RateGain has 12,000 clients around the globe including hotels, online travel agents, airlines, car rental companies, cruise liners as well as tour operators and wholesalers like IHG, Melia Hotels International, Lufthansa, Expedia, Hertz Corporation, Priceline.com, Carnival Cruise, etc. RateGain processes over 20 billion data points daily from more than 1,000 sites to provide value every day. In 2018, RateGain acquired DHISCO to become the leading, comprehensive travel and hospitality technology distribution platform. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and our guiding principles, we help hospitality and travel companies make more revenue every day. For more information, please visit <a href=”https://rategain.com.es/”>https://rategain.com.es/</a>

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<strong>RateGain Media Contact</strong>

Aditi Bhandari

Senior Manager – Products and PR

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